Life Time Cushion Guarantee – Valeri Furniture

Life Time Cushion Guarantee

Valeri Furniture understands that the first thing that can go wrong with a Sofa or Love Seat is the Seat Cushions can Flatten

We are so Confident in our Cushions Cores that if they do go wrong

"No Problem" we will get you New Cushions 1 Time Free of Charge


That's A Promise You Can Sit On!


Here’s How it Works:

  • Contact Valeri Furniture Service Department at (920) 882-0808
  • Removable seat cushions will be available for pickup within 2-4 weeks of request, will be shipped to home when applicable
  • Non Removable Seat Cushions will require the item to be brought to Valeri Furniture Service Center or a $69 local service charge will apply for a technician to install in home - non local will be additional charge
  • Service technician will be unable to service any product that is stained with human or pet bodily fluids or determined to be in unsanitary condition
  • Excludes online furniture purchases
  • Limit to 1 cushion replacements per customer