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Free Protection Plan

When you Choose Valeri Furniture You Chose Peace of Mind!
Your New Upholstered Furniture Includes a Free Lifetime Fabric Protection Plan!

The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your new furniture is protected against accidental stains and damages is priceless, so relax and let us handle the dirty work. An Ultra Shield Protection Plan provides cleaning and repair services when an accident occurs. The plans are administered by the Ultra Shield Customer Care team and are serviced by a network of certified furniture repair experts across the United States and Canada.

Sample Coverage*
Accidental Stains
Food and Beverage Stains
Human and Pet Bodily Fluids
Stains from Mold and Mildew
Accidental Damages
Rips and Tears
Cigarette Burns

How Do Ultra Shield Protection Plans Work?
When you are prepared to make your new furniture purchase, the furniture retailer will explain the features and benefits of an Ultra Shield protection plan. The retailer will provide you with documentation, and if applicable, a furniture maintenance kit, The included service agreement details specific items that are covered as well as items that are excluded.
Service Procedures
When an accident happens, simply call the Ultra Shield Customer Care Center at the number listed in your service agreement. Our Customer Care Center, which is based in the U.S.A. is staffed with dedicated, enthusiastic customer service professionals who will answer any questions you may have as well as provide a phone consultation, gathering information about the stain or damage and scheduling service appointments.
When a claim requires a technician, a local certified furniture repair technician will be contacted by Ultra Shield. These technicians are selected based on their expertise and proven success in repair services. Within a few days of receiving your completed claim information, the selected service technician will contact you to schedule an in-home appointment.
Ultra Shield certified repair technicians have a 92% success rate at cleaning stains and repairing accidental damage, however, damage that can’t be repaired may require Ultra Shield to buy replacement parts for your furniture. If replacement parts are not obtainable and your selected protection plan provides it*, Ultra Shield will purchase replacement furniture.
*Ultra Shield protection plans vary by type and retailer. Not all plans cover the listed forms of damage; some plans cover additional stains and damage. Furniture replacement is not included with all protection plans. Please review your service agreement or contact your retailer for specific information about coverage (including whether your plan offers replacement coverage) and exclusions.